What is going on with these salaries? What is going on with the job growth in the solar industry? I was a bit shocked myself. I was thinking that it was a sham, but then every single company seemed to pay a lot more for their sales staff than other companies. And a lot of these solar companies are hiring like crazy! So what gives??? Why are they paying these sales people so much? Why are they hiring so much??

Part of it is that it’s still a SALES job, and who wants to work a sales job with all that pressure to make quotas? But honestly, these solar panels are not that hard to sell. With everyone working from home, utility bills have gone up.

Plus, with government rebates, that’s a selling point. Plus, low or sometimes even 0% interest financing or even leasing makes it easier. Heck, I’ve even wanted to buy it for myself because looking at my electric bill go up every month in the summer makes me sick to my stomach.

So what else? Solar panels JUST got affordable but the general public still don’t seem to know that it’s a booming industry. People like you and me are just finding out that renewable energy can be a lucrative career path.

As a matter of fact, the solar market is projected to continue in an upward trend according to the Solar Energy Industries Association.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the fastest growing occupation is a Solar Panel Installer (the latest data they have published is from 2018 though, but I think is still true from what I see on Indeed).

Plus, if Tesla is selling Solar Panels, then how can this not be a lucrative industry and field?!?!

Look at these solar jobs on Indeed here. There are so many jobs and they go up to $300k! That number seems really popular. Why is it always $300k??? LOL

Residential Solar Sales Consultant – Leads Provided – $125k – $260k/yr, FT Commission-based – It’s scary to take a commission job, but if you’re driven and have 1 year of sales experience, this particular company, Daybreak Solar in Tampa, FL seems like they’d set you up for success from what I read in their job posting. Below is part of what they wrote in their job description.

What WE Provide (Benefits):

  • Uncapped commissions that are well above industry average
  • Bonuses on self-gens
  • 1-3 warm leads a day
  • Monthly tiered bonus programs (with no fine print)
  • Monthly team outings
  • Flexible schedules

What YOU Provide (Responsibilities):

  • A positive attitude, competitive spirit and superb customer service skills
  • Professional and charismatic personality that is highly coachable
  • Strong negotiation skills with a closers mindset
  • Referrals from warm leads you are given
  • Team-oriented mindset
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Reliable transportation
  • A flexible schedule and the ability to work evenings
  • Meet personal and team sales targets
  • Attend sales meetings and industry events to stay informed about new products, sales techniques, financial products, and industry developments

Anyhow, check out my Jobs For You page for more Solar Jobs.

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