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Jobs For You Page (FYP)


1. Click on the search links.


2. Find a job you want and qualify at least 50%. WARNING: Some might be scams, too old, or wrong-- read CAREFULLY.

3. Ensure that you're resume is fully maximized for callbacks and fully quantified.

4. Apply for each job carefully.


Almost all of these jobs are 💯% remote.

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Mail Your Resume Jobs

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Mail in Your Resume Jobs from Classified section of The New York Times

Military Experience Veteran Jobs


Either we have or we all know someone with a past. My brother is one of them. He made mistakes after our mom died -- he was 14 and I was 17. I do this for him and for those of you who need a second chance, or know someone who does. 🙂

Second Chance Jobs


Top $$$ Jobs

Before applying, please read ALL the job tips. These jobs require a lot of effort to land, so if you REALLY want it & you're qualified, do the work and you'll get it.  


Marketing Jobs

Before applying, please read this marketing job tip.

Entry Level Jobs:


Translator Jobs

Are you fluent in another language? Woo Hoo!!! Below you will find links to jobs that require language fluency and a lot pay $$$. 

Tech Jobs

Before applying, please read this tech job tip.

Non-Coding Tech Jobs

All of these Non-Coding Jobs below are Entry Level:

(Migration Implementation Jobs that require Niche Skills)

Old Tech Jobs

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