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Most Exclusive (free) Coding Bootcamp

There are so many choices out there for certifications and courses and everyone says they’re the best. Some will charge you $2000 upfront, defer $5000 until you get a job, or take 10% of your income.

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This One Mistake Got Me To Where I Am Today

Failures and mistakes are the greatest lessons in life. They can make you cringe. They can hurt. And sometimes, they can strip you of any dignity you thought you had. But they are also very humbling.

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Harvard & MIT Instructors Train You For A 6-Figure Career In 13 Weeks For FREE

Average salary for Data Scientists is $100K and this company offers free, virtual training. Apply today — limited seats! I will help you.

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What is the Quickest (and Best) Way to a Raise?

Want 50-200% in your next raise? Ex Tech VP Cathryn Patterson shares her expertise and Indeed’s Top Performers Survey in this quick tip!