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Take Actionable Steps Toward The Life And Career You Want.

Whether you find yourself stuck, in need of guidance on how to move forward, or you’re looking to advanced your career to the next level, Cathryn’s personalized approach to FAANG coaching will help you gain confidence as you take actionable steps towards your dream job in Silicon Valley.

Cathryn delivers custom FAANG tactics from social media forensics assessment to LinkedIn profile optimization and ATS resume compliance to personal branding in interviews and tactics to leverage bargaining power in high-stakes salary negotiation.

When you are negotiating for high six and seven-figure salaries, you shouldn’t go in without a strategy for success. Leverage 20+ years of Cathryn’s insights to help you land your best deal.

Cathryn coaches clients for the following:

  • Optimized LinkedIn Profile with Custom Keyword Triggers
  • ATS Compliant Resume with Embedded Keywords
  • Career Lifetime ROI Assessment (Extensive Data Analysis & Calculation of Your Work History)
  • Social Media Forensics Research & Analysis
  • Strategic Personal Brand & Story for a Dimensional Bio (Origin Story, 5Ws of Career Journey)
  • Focused Personality Discovery to Identify and Eliminate Any Self-Limiting Beliefs, Insecurities, or Imposter Syndrome
  • Intensive Confidence Building and High Stakes Negotiation Tactical Training
  • Dealing with the Success and Burnout of Extraordinary Careers