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There is a major diversity problem in tech & engineering firms.

As tech organizations suffer a hiring and turnover crisis, they often fail to understand why they struggle. Many find themselves with teams that suffer from a monoculture, often built slowly over many years. They favor people and ideas that reinforce the status quo.

In a world where the demand for growth and innovation means life or death for companies, a new model is needed.

Distinct thought yields breakthrough technology. To stay competitive and innovative, companies must seek talent in new places, nurture a culture that enables achievers to move beyond “what was” towards new ideas of “what could be”.

This shift in thought is unassuming, but powerful and leads to energized teams, empowered to build great things together.

Program Takeaways

  • Learn the 3 steps to break down the invisible barriers that impede the great potential of your organization.
  • Discover how to eliminate unproductive standups and meaningless burndown charts — revert to a true Agile principle of “people over process” — so that your top performers focus on results first over the process to reduce costly employee churn.
  • See how a more human-centric, diverse culture opens your employees to challenge prevailing assumptions and eagerness to add more business value.
  • Learn why your organization is looking in the wrong places in trying to build exceptional, powerful, and diverse teams.
  • Build a culture that refuses the status quo, is brazenly candid, and obsessed with extraordinary results.