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Free Coding Bootcamp – Goodbye to the Gender Pay Gap

A free 7-week online coding bootcamp for professional women? And you can make $750K with only 3-5 years of experience? Yes, that’s 100% correct.

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This Simple Way To Land Your Dream Job Is Not What You Think & It Will Change Your Life

I love Indeed. I love LinkedIn. But is it just me or do people seem to need divine intervention to land their dream job? Do you know how often things go unanswered on LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, etc.? It’s utter silence a lot.

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Stress & Burnout: Google Employee Recommends This Free 10-Day Retreat

Work-life balance is more like “work is life on delicate balance”. I work a lot — probably too much. I work non-stop. But as a mompreneur, I don’t have time for anything, but work.

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Most Exclusive (free) Coding Bootcamp

There are so many choices out there for certifications and courses and everyone says they’re the best. Some will charge you $2000 upfront, defer $5000 until you get a job, or take 10% of your income.

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You have 7.4 seconds to Grab a Recruiter’s Attention!

According to the latest eye-tracking research from a 2018 Ladders Study, you have 7.4 seconds to grab a recruiter’s attention in your resume. That’s all you get — 7.4 seconds to go from rejection to interview!

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Amazon is hiring 33K Jobs, Average Salary $150K – Here’s the Best Way to Get Hired!

Amazon Career Day is here again, and it sold out FAST. NBD. I got you covered. So here we go, step-by-step, the best way to get hired at Amazon.

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Where Would I Have the Best Chances of Getting Hired?

Improve your odds of finding a job by diversifying your job search. Job searching is the same as stock investments. The more homework you do, the better the outcome. So, how do you search creatively? Keep reading to find out.

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If you want a $100K job, you need to put $100K effort (aka How do you read a job posting)

When you are about to apply for a job that will be your main source of income — let’s say it’s $50,000. Why would you spend only a minute reading it and then, apply to it blindly? Learn how to read a job posting so that you can optimize your job search efforts.

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How Do You Write a Cover Letter in 2020?

Ahh, the Cover Letter. How useless you are. Sorry, not sorry. But the Cover Letter is antiquated. So why do we still have to write Cover Letters? Short answer. I have no clue. Maybe people are creatures of habit? Regardless, if you must write a cover letter, you might as well nail it. So here are my tips.