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Free Coding Bootcamp – Goodbye to the Gender Pay Gap

A free 7-week online coding bootcamp for professional women? And you can make $750K with only 3-5 years of experience? Yes, that’s 100% correct.

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Where Would I Have the Best Chances of Getting Hired?

Improve your odds of finding a job by diversifying your job search. Job searching is the same as stock investments. The more homework you do, the better the outcome. So, how do you search creatively? Keep reading to find out.

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If you want a $100K job, you need to put $100K effort (aka How do you read a job posting)

When you are about to apply for a job that will be your main source of income — let’s say it’s $50,000. Why would you spend only a minute reading it and then, apply to it blindly? Learn how to read a job posting so that you can optimize your job search efforts.

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HUBZones – Where You Live Might Help You Get Hired Over Someone Else

HUB what? Hub cap? No, HUBZones. Historically Underutilized Business Zones. Basically, where you live is a BIG deal. If you live in one of these areas that the SBA certified as HUBZones, YOU are in LUCK! Because you, my friend, are geographically desirable to these special HUBZone companies.

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Use these Exact Words to Negotiate Your Salary Without Losing the Offer

I remember the day I broke the $100K ceiling. I was almost 30 years old — 29 turning 30. I had jumped from $45/hr which equates to about $90K/yr to $60/hr which is about $120K/yr. I was so excited when this happened. If you’ve got a job offer and are about to go into salary negotiations, read this first!

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What is the Quickest (and Best) Way to a Raise?

Want 50-200% in your next raise? Ex Tech VP Cathryn Patterson shares her expertise and Indeed’s Top Performers Survey in this quick tip!