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Empowering Teams to Foster a More Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Workplace.

Building trust, transparency, and empowerment through your company’s DE&I programs start with having meaningful conversations about diversity.

Cathryn has developed workshops that facilitate more advanced DEI dialogues through an evidence-based approach to help each employee incorporate inclusion into their everyday work.

Workshop topics include:

  • Inclusive hiring & biases in the recruitment process
  • Managing Unconscious Biases
  • Inclusive Leadership & Employees
  • Allyship in the Office
  • And much more

Innovation Through Inclusion

Create a culture that energizes the entire team toward a common purpose where all voices and ideas are elevated for a free and open discussion.

Cathryn’s approach is not about burning things down but rather building bridges to what’s possible. Her interactive workshops connect the diversity and inclusion of people with a diversity of inclusion of ideas.

This helps tech and engineering teams up to commit to larger initiatives as they understand that innovation only happens when we ALL are moving in the same positive direction.

Highlights from this Workshop:

  • Understand and uncover unconscious bias.
  • Commit to letting all voices be heard and build communication and trust.
  • Unlock the key to innovation which lies in the diversity of ideas.
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Winning Government Contracts

Cathryn helps teams and individuals understand how to use diversity and military experience can be used to their advantage when bidding on government contracts.

She goes through the process of searching, vetting, and applying for the contracts.

This program is useful for both owners and those working for organizations committed to diversity (who meet the required thresholds).

Highlights from this Workshop:

  • Learn how government contracting works and how DE&I initiatives play into the bidding process.
  • Discover how to search for contracts that your organization might have an advantage in winning.
  • Unlock the secret to making bids that win without underbidding.
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