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Tech-Focused Business Content That Meets The Diverse Talent Pool of Tomorrow.

The racial equality index for technology workers in Silicon Valley can be better. Your DE&I program is critical to attract and retain diverse talent. Let me help you drive DE&I strategies that reduce bias in workplace hiring by delivering BIPOC talent to your door.

10,000,000 Targeting (and counting)

The targeted audience of 100% career-focused and growth mindset demographic. With strategic hashtags, we can niche and vet further.

Client Acquisition Built on Trust

Using actionable advice, we can grow your client base with unparalleled brand integrity and reputation.

Custom Human-Centric Content for High Conversion

We specialize in strategic ambassador campaigns that are results-driven (higher conversions) not view-driven (bounce rate). Let us develop completely original and human-centric content that drives quality traffic to you.

In-house Data Scientists

With our own team of data scientists, we can hone your brand and content strategy through the power of data. Every day, we use insight to drive informed decisions to help your business reach your audience through market research.

Social Listening & Audience Analysis

We understand our audience (your future clients) and we can almost predict how they’ll feel about your brand through meaningful and intuitive social listening analysis.

Amplify your brand and campaign

Build creative concepts tailored for your brand and marketing objectives. Manage all critical campaign details ensuring impactful results.

Success Stories

Yasmin Hurtado

Working, single mom who was a security manager made a career leap into data scientist at Google

“Through TikTok, I connected with Cathryn Patterson. She introduced contracting jobs, the 30-60-90 plan, finding your niche, diversifying your portfolio, and obtaining certifications… I am ecstatic to share with all of you, I will be joining Google’s GSRS team as a Human Resources Analyst.”

Christine Gonzales-Martinez

60-year-old accountant made a career change into a software engineering and data science

“Expressing my gratitude to Cathryn Patterson who shared her journey and inspired me to say “Why not me!” as I took the step to apply to a data science program back in December 2020. Fast forward to August 2021 and I have completed the spring 2021 cohort (at 60 years young)!”