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General Tips (Before You Start)

Work is ever-evolving. One of the worst global recessions has now been superseded by one of the hottest job markets.

One constant: To land your dream job, it’s not enough to be the best or better than the rest — you have to stand out from the crowd.

From job search to resume prep to interview to negotiation to career planning, the strategies you employ and the decisions you make are mission-critical.


Intelli-Search for your dream job with smarter keyword searches using your job skills or certifications — not your job title.

Lesser known fact, the sort and search function on job search sites are highly user-dependent.

For example, if you enter “software engineer”, you will get hundreds of thousands of software engineer jobs that you either won’t like, don’t pay enough, aren’t qualified for, and more. Who has time to go through all these jobs?

But, if you search for keywords like your skills, certificates, and languages, or a combination thereof, you will find better and higher-paying jobs — this saves you so much time and gives you a greater chance of a higher earning potential.

For a custom intelli-search, See FAANG Coaching.


Find a job you want and qualify at least 50%.

Apply to every job you want, even if you aren’t 100% qualified. If you’re at least 50% qualified, apply.

If the job’s out of state and isn’t remote, but you qualify 100%, apply.
They ask for a degree, but you have everything else, apply.

After interviewing countless bad candidates, I’ve happily interviewed and hired lesser-qualified people. You never know what the Hiring Manager really wants.



Ensure that your resume is fully maximized for callbacks and fully quantified.

Appraise your career to maximize your earning potential and callbacks. In tech, it’s about data, and for me, when I saw a resume that had dollars and numbers all over it, it went to the top of my list.

Appraising your career by quantifying your resume is time-consuming but worth it.

Your career is unique, just like your home. You have special upgrades like certs and skills that add more value. Never leave money on the table.

For a custom career appraisal, See FAANG Coaching.


Apply for each job carefully.

Watch out for job scams and expired job listings. When a job posting reads like an advertisement or commercial, it’s probably a scam.

When you can’t really tell what the job or company is about or how much exactly they’ll pay you, it’s a scam.

If the job isn’t doing a good job of trying to get you to work there or if it sounds really boring, it’s the real deal.

Tech & Engineering Companies Hiring Now

(Most of these jobs are 100% remote.)

Mail Your Resume Jobs

  • Less Competition
  • Your Resume goes straight to HR
  • It won’t get LOST in a technology black hole bc it bypasses the recruiting software!

Mail-in Your Resume Jobs from Classified section of The New York Times

Military Experience Veteran Jobs

Second Chance Jobs

Either we have or we all know someone with a past. My brother is one of them. He made mistakes after our mom died — he was 14 and I was 17. I do this for him and for those of you who need a second chance or know someone who does.

Top $$$ Jobs

Before applying, please read ALL the job tips. These jobs require a lot of effort to land, so if you REALLY want it & you’re qualified, do the work and you’ll get it.

Marketing Jobs

Before applying, please read this marketing job tip.

Entry Level Jobs

Translator Jobs

Are you fluent in another language? Woo Hoo!!! Below you will find links to jobs that require language fluency and a lot pay $$$.