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Free Coding Bootcamp – Goodbye to the Gender Pay Gap

A free 7-week online coding bootcamp for professional women? And you can make $750K with only 3-5 years of experience? Yes, that’s 100% correct.

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Most Exclusive (free) Coding Bootcamp

There are so many choices out there for certifications and courses and everyone says they’re the best. Some will charge you $2000 upfront, defer $5000 until you get a job, or take 10% of your income.

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If you want a $100K job, you need to put $100K effort (aka How do you read a job posting)

When you are about to apply for a job that will be your main source of income — let’s say it’s $50,000. Why would you spend only a minute reading it and then, apply to it blindly? Learn how to read a job posting so that you can optimize your job search efforts.

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The Job Hunt Overview: Resume, Search, Interview, and Offer

Ready to start your job search? Read this first to maximize your efforts. If you want to find a job FASTER and get the BEST results out of it, put a bit of elbow grease into it. Here’s how to get started.

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Best Way to Get Your Resume DIRECTLY to HR!

I was making papier mache for an arts and crafts project when I noticed something odd in the Classified section of the newspaper…

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Amazon is hiring 33K Jobs, Average Salary $150K – Here’s the Best Way to Get Hired!

They’re hiring 33,000 corporate and technical folks right now with an average salary of $150,000/year. That’s nearly $5 billion dollars! So here we go, step-by-step, the best way to get hired at Amazon.

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Can you get a $100K+ Federal Job without a degree?

How can you find those $100k federal jobs now that Trump’s exec order on “skills over degrees” has been signed? Let me teach you!

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No Experience? Career Change? What Job is Best for You? How to Get Hired the Smart Way…

Whether you have no experience or you’re trying to get into a new field, when it comes to entry level jobs, it’s not forever.

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The ULTIMATE Top 10 Best Certifications in 2020: Which ones are really worth it?

After analyzing tons of certifications and actual job listings, I came up with the ULTIMATE Top 10 Best Certifications for high paying jobs!