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Building the teams of tomorrow requires rethinking who and how we recruit.

In today’s competitive landscape, building more diverse teams is becoming crucial to the longevity of any organization. Gaining access to a larger untapped pool of qualified talent requires throwing aside the old playbook.

The new model lives in connecting with the talent where they are, helping them see how they fit in the growth of your organization and how their role fits in their personal growth.

Finally, companies cannot neglect to nurture new hires so they can thrive in a culture of innovation and inclusion.

Cathryn’s keynote delivers these concepts in simple, yet powerful steps that can transform how you find, acquire, and keep your next generation of top talent.

Program Takeaways

  • Learn the core elements of a new recruiting model to find the hidden talent pool of qualified and diverse engineers and more.
  • Identify where they frequently converge and socialize online, so that you can deliver a more effective, human-centric recruiting strategy, built on genuine trust.
  • These above-average innovative thinkers care more about culture than total compensation — help them see how they fit in the growth of your organization AND how you can help them achieve personal growth.
  • Nurture new hires to thrive in a culture of innovation and inclusion through sincere transparency, applauding independent thought, and always putting people first.