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How Do You Get a Job as a Recent Grad (or Current Student)? Internships

So, how do you get a job as a graduate or current student with little to no experience? Most of you have heard these answers: “Go volunteer, internship, network, etc.” And you’ve found them to be too broad and vague. I couldn’t agree more. Keep reading.

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How to Get Hired during a Recession aka Get a Government Clearance

In over 20 years, I have never had an issue getting a job because of this: my Personal Identify Verification (PIV) Badge. Basically, my government security clearance. So why do I believe that a government clearance job would help you? Because it is a niche job. It is a job that is always in high demand in any capacity. Read on.

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Does a Security Clearance guarantee YOU a Job? And how valuable is it in your country?

Government Security Clearance jobs pay more and give more job security. Find all the top dollar jobs in the US, Australia, Canada, and UK!