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Quantify Your Resume: How much Value can You bring to your Next Company?

Companies looking for YOU are spending LOTS of TIME and MONEY recruiting, hiring, and training you. You are a HUGE investment — a HUGE asset. So you have to DEMONSTRATE your Return On Investment (ROI), based solely on your resume. Here’s how you can quantify your resume.

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How do I get my resume past ATS? Copy & Paste Tip

Ensure that your resume is Application Tracking System (ATS) friendly. ATS is the fancy term for recruiting software. Recruiting software is not as “intelligent” as people think. It needs resumes to be perfectly set up. Here’s how to bypass this.

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What to include in a Federal Resume

Government or public sector jobs require slightly different resumes than your normal or private sector ones. When you apply to a government job, you should include the following in your resume (in order of importance), preferably at the top, in your summary.