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Demystify Government Contracts to Promote Equity Programs

The US Government has committed to bringing more diversity into the awarding of government contracts, but the process of winning as an outsider can seem impossible.

In this straightforward presentation, Cathryn leverages her years dealing with tech government contracts to demystify the process of winning multimillion-dollar government contracts so that more diverse teams can take advantage of equity programs.

Her talk is tailored to help BIPOC and former military and is not just for owners. Many organizations meet certain thresholds in their hiring to qualify.

At the end of the event, attendees have a clear understanding of how things work so that they can work within the system and bid with confidence.

Program Takeaways

  • Understand how government contracting really works (if you want to win bids).
  • Discover how diversity and inclusion initiatives play into winning government contracts.
  • See how to search for special government contracts that you might qualify for with less competition.
  • Unlock the secret to winning proposals while reducing your risk to underbidding.
  • See how many of these programs can also apply to larger organizations that meet certain thresholds.