Best Way to Get Your Resume DIRECTLY to HR!

I was making papier mache for an arts and crafts project when I noticed something odd in the Classified section of the newspaper... some employers are asking people to MAIL in their resumes DIRECTLY to them!

What the what?!?!? 👆👆👆 Have we gone back in time? It shocked me, but then I thought about it. But of course!!! With 70% of resumes getting rejected by recruiting software these days, some recruiters are resorting to OLD SCHOOL methods to get quality candidates!!! 🤯🙌⚡💪

PayPal and American Express are two big companies who are trying their hand at having candidates snail mail their resumes, and I can't commend them enough for thinking outside the box! 🙌🙌🙌

But why should you, as a job seeker, send a hard copy of your resume? How does this help you get hired?

#1 Your resume goes straight to HR.

#2 You bypass the recruiting software so your resume won't get lost in a technology black hole.

#3 WAAAAAY less competition!!!

#4 Impresses the employer that you went the extra mile because you put actual effort in printing and mailing out a resume!!!

I found some more of these "mail your resume" jobs on the NY Times site -- go to my Jobs For You Page here,

If your local newspaper posts jobs, leave a comment here. Let's share with others struggling to find work. We're in this together!!! We got this!!! 💖💪⚡🙌🤗

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