Government or public sector jobs require slightly different resumes than your normal or private sector ones.

When you apply to a government job, you should include the following in your resume (in order of importance), preferably at the top, in your summary.

If you don’t have most of these things, don’t worry. But mostly everyone is a US Citizen, so don’t forget to add that one!


  1. Clearance Status & Level – Even if your clearance is inactive, that’s ok. Like mine says Inactive MBI and Secret Clearance.
  2. Veteran – If you are a Veteran and more so, if you are a Service-Disabled Veteran, DEFINITELY write this down on your resume. Your resume will move to the top of the pile. Seriously.
  3. Citizenship Status – Make sure you write “US Citizen” if you are indeed a US Citizen.
  4. HubZone – Do you live in a HubZone? Read my blog tip to find out. If so, then write “Reside in HubZone” <– You will move to the top of the list. I promise you that one!
  5. Any Other Items that the Job Description asks for… Read it CAREFULLY!!!

I know I made this super short and quick. but I’ll update it soon with examples of a great federal resume soon!!!

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