I always knew that Microsoft had developer certifications. Like I knew about MCSEs… you know, Microsoft Certified Solutions Experts. But I had no idea about their non-developer certifications like MTAs… Microsoft Technology Associates… and all the other non-engineer type certifications!

And not to take away from other Certifications like Google or Facebook because they’re just known more for different things. I feel like Google and Facebook certifications are more known for digital marketing than developer, ya know? But honestly, a Microsoft certification, IMHO, holds more weight in the career industry. If you have a Microsoft cert, I feel like it’s more valuable.

Anyhow, here’s the best part. Their online training is 100% FREE!!!

And their exams are around $127 to $160 or so!!! That’s all! Isn’t that awesome!??!?!

Go to Microsoft Certifications here and take a look.

Then, once you get one of those cool Microsoft certs, look for entry-level Tech Jobs on my Jobs For You page.

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