According to the latest eye-tracking research from a 2018 Ladders Study, you have 7.4 seconds to grab a recruiter’s attention in your resume. That’s all you get — 7.4 seconds to go from rejection to interview!


They studied recruiter eye movement as they analyzed resume after resume and found that resumes with F-pattern and E-pattern reading layouts where they had clear overview at the top, section titles, job titles, bulleted lists, and lots of white space performed way better than cluttered resumes with unclear fonts.


So how do you grab a recruiter’s attention in 7.4 seconds???


KISS it! Keep it Simple and Sweet!


You don’t need to cram everything onto 1 page.


According to this study, recruiters focused on the second page as much as they did on the first page.


They didn’t care if you had 10 pages, but really only cared about the first 2 pages which gives you breathing space to make sure that the first 2 pages make you SHINE! So make yourself shine on the first 2 pages!!


Your resume is a 7.4 second print advertisement of you. Sell yourself in the first 2 pages in the most clearest and powerfully simple yet effective way.


For the complete 2018 Eye Tracking Ladders Study, click here.


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