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Things That Will Forever Change Your Life

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Why is body language so important for success? Because you need to understand all kinds of communication and one of the most powerful and yet understated forms of communication is body language. If you can read a person's gestures and expressions on a web conference call or in person, you can predict their next move or your response a lot better. This book has helped me more than most.

Human nature tends to disfavor change. But only when we embrace it do we find success beyond measure. This is why I love this book. It teaches you how to look at change in a new way -- in a business fable! I love alternative learning formats and I think you'll love this engaging tale.

If you're serious about stock investments, start with this classic from 1923. It will teach you the terminology and logic behind everything. It will teach you about bull and bear markets in a story format.


The best stock investment advice I have for you is this:

The best investors like Warren Buffett don't make money by listening to other investors -- they listen to the market and what's happening in the world.

I fell in love the 7 habits years ago, in my 20s. I was all about the win-wins and I just loved that it was so positive. It wasn't cut-throat and it was so practical. There's no financial sense in it -- find out how sometimes working WITH your competitors can be an advantage!

If you just got promoted to management, you're probably not ready. No one's ever ready. This book and others on this list will make it a lot easier though.

I just love this book because it exposes you to a different way of thinking. Numbers speak to me and I like the way Levitt presents a very logical and common sense way of delivering data. This book will help you with critical thinking.

This one is a gem. I think you'll like this different perspective with emotional intelligence as the core driver. There are multiple leadership styles and methods. 

What I like about The Lean Startup is that it makes you develop business empathy and you can really appreciate what it's like to be a startup founder. I like the real-life approach based on tech principles.

This 1926 classic is an oldie but goodie. Through a bunch of tales set in ancient Babylon, it teaches you financial wisdom. I love storytelling to teach lessons -- give this a good read! Dave Ramsey wrote the foreword on this version of the book.  

This book will help you justify any overhead cost like team building events, employee recognition and rewards, etc. Or perhaps change the way you look at performance reviews, bonuses, raises, PTO, etc.

This book is for people who hate math. It will help you learn to solve real-life problems because in life and at work, our math problems are presented in words! So this book will help you de-code the confusion.

This is a free checklist that I created that will help you remember things to get hired at Amazon.

The Bloom To Do List is based on a timeboxing technique from project management principles. The only drawback is that you have to rewrite your list each day. But for about $10, it's great for people who want to get back on track or learn how to timebox.

This reusable smart notebook lets you upload your meeting notes to the cloud, and then, you can search through them. This saves so much time. So brilliant! It's only $31 or so -- including the pen. That's not bad at all.

If you don't want to waste time and money, give these lashes a try for that instant "I'm ready" makeup look. They're less than a $1 each and they're high quality.

I've used this hair tool for more 8 years and I LOVE it -- you look interview ready in no time.

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