I love Indeed. I love LinkedIn. But is it just me or do people seem to need divine intervention to land their dream job — at FAANG, in Silicon Valley, or at a Fortune 500. Do you know how often things go unanswered on LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, etc.? It’s utter silence a lot.

You scroll on LinkedIn at any given time, and you’ll see someone’s post asking for help to find a job, and honestly, unless it’s viral, you will rarely see it.

This UX Designer posted their resume, got 1 like, and no comments.

This person got no attention on the post.

I am not a fan of ineffective methods. It’s why when I saw these people flat out asking for referrals on the Blind app and real people from Facebook, Uber, Tesla, Spotify — you name it — say “DM me for referral” — I about fell off my chair! See below.

The Blind app instantly became my all-time favorite free researching tool so far. Why do I call it a research tool? Well, because they verify people who work at these huge Fortune 500 companies with their work emails. Then, they give them anonymous identities so that they can speak freely on their platform (or app, if you will). They describe it as verified anonymous professional network, but to me:
It’s the MOST powerful tool for getting AND maintaining a very high 6-figure career.

It’s where people feel comfortable enough to share real information with each other. It’s like Reddit had an affair with LinkedIn, birthed a genius, illegitimate baby, and decided to keep hush about it — that’s why it’s anonymous.😁

How does it work?

To sign up, I had to enter my company’s email and the app verifies that I actually work there. So, if you work at Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, or Google, it verifies that you have an “apple.com” or a “google.com” email address.

The beauty of anonymity is that people feel safe to share their most precious secrets — salaries, net worth, real work culture, even stock trading tips, etc.

My Favorite Blind Tips

1. Get real Employee Referrals from real people who work at Google, Facebook, or wherever you want on Blind.

I’ve never seen that before. People ask for help on LinkedIn, but no one really gives them actionable help for a real 6-figure job.

Part of the reason is that people are genuinely helpful on the app, and the other part is that they’re incentivized — employee referral bonuses. So, before this fad gets old, like all things do, if I were you, I’d download the Blind app fast.

To me, that’s the BEST part. But there are so many other amazing tips

2. Network with real FAANG or Fortune 500 people.

As a matter of fact, my Data Manager buddy who’s in my slack channel here signed up on Blind and within a week, started talking to a LinkedIn Analyst to find tips on how to break into FAANG. He’s using Blind all the time to find salary info and all sorts of incredible tips to get his high 6-figure career going.

3. Get Finance tips from really smart Engineers or Analysts who work at Goldman Sachs or Charles Schwab.

They talk about Stock Investments, How To Get Into Day Trading, Retirement Options, 401K best practices, Savings Calculators, etc.

4. Learn about Mental Wellness and Well-being.

Getting a high-paying job is not just about making a lot of money but it’s also about keeping yourself mentally sane so that you can stay employed and performing well. Mental health is a huge topic on Blind. Learn the best practices from people who are top performers at Google, Facebook, Apple, etc. Find out how they function with so much pressure to perform because they make so much money? I mean when you are making as much as a small company by yourself, you are expected to perform, so you must stay healthy. How do they do that? How do they work under all that pressure?

5. Share work-life balance tips with other like-minded people.

6. Get family and parenting advice from high-performing parents who juggle kids and work. What’s that dynamic like?

7. Dating and relationships in the workplace, or dealing with these things while working high-pressure jobs?

8. Workplace matters like toxic bosses and coworkers or how to get a promotion and raises in a stressful environment.

There are so many different topics. I’ll give you examples of each next time. Until then, download the tool and get to researching!

By the way, when you download the free Blind app , I want you to know that I do get a small sum. This amount goes towards continuing to provide you with more excellent career advice and free resources like the free coding bootcamp, which I absolutely love. 💖

And if you’re interested in accelerating into very high 6-figure careers, check out the simple action plan I developed for you here and come ask me questions every Wednesday night in my TikTok Lives at 530pm PST / 830pm EST. I got your back.

Come back for more tips on how to get your dream job! I’ll add more to this blog. I really care about your future and success. I wouldn’t do all this extra stuff for free if I didn’t. 🥰

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