Work life balance is more like “work is life on delicate balance”. I work a lot — probably too much. I work non-stop. When I’m asked about my hobbies, I don’t have a better answer than sleeping. I used to do so many fun things like going to museums, rollerblading, and rock climbing. But as a mompreneur, I don’t have time for anything, but work.

Me working non-stop bc that’s how I roll.

And if I’m really honest with myself, I always worked a lot. I come from a long line of hard workers. We enjoy working. My dad rarely takes time off, but we talk to each other at least once a week. My son is almost 5 years old and he asks me how he can help. 🥰 He causes me more work than help, but I digress. 😆

If you’re reading my story, I’m going to guess you’re the same way. For me, I feel happy, when I’ve accomplished something every day.

I love feeling productive and successful each day.

But success comes at a price. Because I can overdo it. Working too much or too hard can result in way too much stress. It happened to me before, and I ended up in the ER for work exhaustion, severe anxiety attack, and severe dehydration.

Burnout is real. I know I’m going to go through it again. Probably really soon. I’ve been working a lot lately. Working from home for over 10 years now, I tend to work a lot more than when I went into a building. Bedtimes get later and later when you work remotely.

Well, one night I was browsing Blind, and I came across this massive post from some employee from Oracle (on Blind, everyone is anonymous). They asked everyone in their 40s to share their best tips to folks in their 30s. Oh, gosh… you guys need to see these comments!

All these brilliant people from Facebook, Apple, Netflix, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, etc. They all commented on these incredible tips, ranging from finance to investments to health to family advice. But one tip really stuck out — This Google employee starts talking about meditation and here I am, always stressed, and I see this:

FREE 10-DAY RETREATS (see below).😲

Extracted from a Google Employee’s amazing tip shared on the Blind App

What did this person just write? Free 10-day what? No way. So I immediately get on Google (pun intended) and start researching. I researched the S.N. Goenka, the Dhamma organization, Vipassana Meditation, and good and bad reviews of this 10-day retreat.

Get this: Not one person said it was a scam. Most people LOVED it and felt refreshed afterward and only a few felt like it was a cult, but nobody had proof. They don’t ask for money and you can leave whenever you want. So how is it a cult?

For 10 days, they just want people to be silent, no cell phone, no outside world, no eating after midday, no alcohol, etc. Basically, it’s a 360-degree detox to spiritually, mentally, and physically reset yourself — and it’s free. I love this. I must consider logistics like my kid. 🤔  But where there’s a will, there is a way.

In all honesty, I’d rather spend 10 days at a retreat than be so stressed that I end up back in the ER.

So I’m giving it some serious thought and consideration. I thought I’d share it with you guys as well. If any of you have taken this retreat or plan to do it before me, let me know what happens. Or if you’d like more info on this FREE retreat and other amazing stress relief tips, click here — it will take you to the free Blind app where you’ll find more information on the retreat and other powerful tips like these below.

Roth IRA and 401K Tips from the Blind App

More Roth IRA and 401K Tips from the Blind App

Oh, gosh! Now I feel stressed again with all this talk about Roth IRAs and 401K contributions. But I can do some content on retirement topics if you’re interested. Let me know in the comments below or join my slack to let me know! Until then, let’s all destress and go on that free retreat!🤣

By the way, when you download the free Blind app, I want you to know that I do get a small sum. This amount goes towards continuing to provide you with more excellent career advice and free resources like the free coding bootcamp, which I absolutely LOVE doing for you. 💖

And if you’re interested in preventing all this burnout, check out the action plan I developed here for you and come see me during my lives every Wednesday night. I got your back!💪

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