Veteran and Felony Friendly Jobs

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

If you are a Veteran, thank you for your service. If you are an ex-felon, thank you for wanting to advance your career and reduce recidivism. If you're both, thank you for taking this huge step -- you are doing the right thing. 💪


Before I start with the jobs, Veterans, please file for your benefits. You served our country. You sacrificed your rights, liberties, and for some of you, even your quality of life. As a US Citizen, of all the taxes that I pay, the taxes that I am most happy to pay, are for YOU.

Plus, I worked for the VA as a government contractor for 10 years and I helped developed the healthcare and benefits systems. You cannot believe how many veterans have disability claims for the smallest things and they receive disability claims checks.

So please file a disability claim. You deserve the money more than a lot of our politicians. More than a lot of these strange bills that get passed.

How do I file a VA compensation claim successfully?

To apply for Veteran Benefits, click here. If you need help with anything, work with a Veteran Service Office (VSO) near you.

What should I claim for VA disability?

Read this tip about the Top 3 Easiest Claims to File at the VA.

Why do veterans have trouble finding jobs?

Assimilation back into society is rough. I have two brothers -- one is an ex felon (who made mistakes after Mom died when he was 14 and I was 17) and one is a veteran (who served 2 tours of Iraq). They're both good guys and just like you, they deserved opportunities.

After service, Veteran homelessness and crime sometimes occur. Look at my brothers above. To make it easier for you, I put Veteran and felony friendly jobs together. 💖


How do convicted felons find jobs?

Ever hear of something called Work Opportunity Tax Credit? The IRS gives companies tax credit for giving second chances to ex-convicts, ex-felons, low-income residents, SSI recipients (those with disabilities), etc.

Second chance employers are amazing and I found a ton of them on Indeed. 🏆 Find them on my Jobs For You Page.

Can you get a federal job with a felony? Can you work for the VA with a felony?

Yes, according to and you can get hired. states, "Yes, you can work for the Federal Government if you have a criminal record and were formerly incarcerated. People with criminal records are eligible to apply to most federal jobs, however there are some exceptions. You may not be eligible for certain federal jobs because specific statutes or laws prohibit employment depending on the crime committed." For more, click here.

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) states, "A felony conviction does not automatically make one unsuitable for Federal employment.  When making a suitability determination, an agency will evaluate the individual’s character traits and decide whether their employment or continued employment would or would not protect the integrity or promote the efficiency of the service.  The factors that may form the basis for finding a person unsuitable can be found under 5 CFR 731.202(b) and include criminal or dishonest conduct." For more, click here.

Find government jobs on my Jobs For You Page.

For tips on getting a government clearance, check out my blog tip: How to Get Hired during a Recession aka Get a Government Clearance

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