Where Would I Have the Best Chances of Getting Hired?

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

While everyone is applying at Amazon, improve your odds of finding a job by diversify your job search -- get CREATIVE. When I search for a job, I think about current events and news. I think about what companies would be hiring right now that NOBODY else would think about. I want to improve my chances. ALWAYS THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.

Job searching is the same as stock investments. The more homework you do, the better the outcome.

Meaning, if you do enough researching; your resume is quantified and makes it past the robots; and you apply at the right time, you will get a callback.

Timing is everything sometimes.

So, how do you search creatively? Search for unorthodox keywords e.g., "COVID cleaner" or "Corona cleaning" on Indeed. Search for "Toilet Tissue" or "Bidet" as well. It sounds silly, but guess how many other people are searching for those words on a job search site? Not too many. So your competition is super low!

Industries doing well and hiring like crazy right now are:

(Details in my YouTube video below. Sorry I could not type them here. Way too much material. Plus, I started all of it in PowerPoint so I saved it as a video for you on YouTube.)

Also, don't forget that job searching is like online dating. The more you swipe, the better your chances.

So basically, it's all about numbers -- OMG Cathryn, again with numbers! Yes, it's all about quantity. Go for quantity in job searching. Some things are about quality, but in job searching, it is definitely about quantity. Improve your odds by applying and getting yourself out there. You have to market yourself. In any job market, you have to advertise the BEST version of YOU to get yourself noticed.

BTW, I made things a lot easier for you by creating a Jobs For You page here, containing links to job search results to Indeed. 😉

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