HUBZones - Where You Live Might Help You Get Hired Over Someone Else

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Why go for jobs that everyone else is going for? With competition as high as it is nowadays, go for the jobs that no one else can get. Go for a job that's niche and tailor made for you.

The more special you are, the more likely you will get hired and the more you can ask for. I mean, I know how special you are, but now we have to just prove it to everyone else. :)

HUB what? Hub cap? No, HUBZones. Historically Underutilized Business Zones. Basically, where you live is a BIG deal. If you live in one of these areas that the SBA certified as HUBZones, YOU are in LUCK! Because you my friend are geographically desirable to these special HUBZone companies.

The US federal government approved $13+ billion dollars for annual distribution to HUBZone companies, which means that these companies are guaranteed to be awarded contracts.

If you are qualified and you live in a HUBZone, YOU will get hired, for sure. 😉