Harvard & MIT Instructors Train You For A 6-Figure Career In 13 Weeks For FREE

Updated: Mar 8

NOTE: Applications for the Spring class enrollment is now CLOSED, BUT the Fall class enrollment will open soon. Stay connected with me so you stay notified of this one and for more opportunities just like this one!!! Sign up below!!

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*After you apply, email me so I can help you stand out -- answer the Extra Credit Questions below.

I am constantly bombarded with sponsorship requests and unfortunately, I cannot honor all of them. I care about you guys too much. I didn't get into this whole "iCathryn" stuff because I wanted to become "famous". I got into it to help people get jobs because of the COVID-19 Unemployment Crisis and with things getting better, I still want to help you, by finding outstanding opportunities like this one.

Recently, a well-established company approached me with a program that I could not turn down. It was too perfect for you. I would have done it for free, but I am glad that they do compensate me -- it's not much, but it's a start! This is the life of an "influencer" when you start out. I'm not really one of those, but that's part of my role. This is how any career change works though when you are doing something completely different. I went from nearly 25 years in tech to now social media and career coaching.😄

Anyhow, Correlation One is the company I'm talking about and what they are offering right now is tremendous.

They teamed up with Harvard & MIT instructors and developed a Data Scientist Job Training AND Placement program that is...

...so well-respected that companies like Match, Citadel, and Johnson & Johnson are paying for the training, so that they can hire YOU, once you're done!

Because data science is one of the fastest growing jobs and it will remain this way for at least 10 years -- not just in technology, but in any field.

Average salary is $100,000, but that is low, IMHO. 🤯

I've worked with many data scientists, data engineers, and data analysts; and I've acted in the role of a data analyst in the past. I find data science a very fascinating field because meaningful data is so important.

As a former VP, I needed to make quick decisions all the time and to do that, I needed meaningful and trustworthy data, at a moment's notice. Hence, the creation of the executive dashboard, usually through reporting tools like Power BI or Tableau. These data visualization and reporting tools are developed, used, and analyzed by Data Scientists, Engineers, and Analysts.

This is why Data Science is a lucrative and growing field.

You don't need to be good in math or in engineering. You just have to be LOGICAL and have COMMON SENSE.
  • Do you love to ANALYZE the world?

  • Do you love to QUESTION things?

  • Are you LOGICAL?

  • Do you have COMMON SENSE?

  • Or do you just want to make a lot of MONEY?

Meet a DS4A Graduate from Last Fall 2020

Meet Vivian Richards, who has studied International Relations and Business at the University of Oklahoma, and led an impressive military career in the U.S. Army as an intelligence professional.

For more student testimonials, go here.

Program Overview

When will the class start?


When is the last day to apply?

1st application window is 12/31/2020

2nd application window is 1/29/2021

Final application deadline is This Sunday 3/7/2021

Hurry! Apply now. ⚡💪🙌

Who is eligible to apply?

👨‍🎓 Students or Professionals

🌎Residents of the United States, Canada, and some Latin American countries


👩‍👦Single Parents

🌟Veterans and Military Spouses

💠1st Generation Immigrants

💠1st Generation College Students (any major)


✅People with Disabilities

✅Black or African Americans

✅Hispanic or Latino Americans

✅Native Americans

✅Pacific Islanders

✅Inuit People

✅And any Other People from Under-Represented Groups in Data Science!

***If you're not eligible, try to apply anyhow to show them your interest level AND email me at ds4a@icathryn.com, and including the following, so I can advocate for you!!! 💪

-Tell me why you can't apply.

-If you live in another country, tell me which country.

-Also, just to REALLY prove to them how serious you are, complete the Extra Credit Questions below (see the "How Can I Stand Out?" section).

Is there a prerequisite? Do I need prior data science experience?

Nope.🙌 Not even a little bit. You don't need data science experience. You do not need a Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) background or degree to take this class.

What days are the class?

Saturdays only

Will classes be offered outside of Saturdays?

This is a wonderful opportunity. Try your best to work your schedule for just 13 weeks. It's only temporary. 😊 Apply and IF you get in, see if your manager would allow you to make an exception. In the future, I think they might provide self-led courses, but for now, it is virtual, instructor-led.

***If your work schedule truly doesn't permit Saturdays, email me at ds4a@icathryn.com and tell me why so I can advocate for alternative course schedules in the future for you!!! 💪

How long is the class?

13 weeks

What will the sample schedule look like?

• 10AM - 2PM - Lecture (breaks in between)

• 2PM - 3PM - Lunch

• 3PM - 4PM - Guest Speaker or Workshops

• 4PM - 8PM - Group Work/Office Hours/Virtual Networking and Social Events

What is the class format? What is the max class size? Will there be multiple concurrent classes?

Training in data fluency -- LIVE and ONLINE. So far, there will be one zoom meeting with approximately 50 students taught by one Lead Professor and two Teaching Assistants (TA). Each TA will support about 25 students.

There will be office hours, you will get graded, and you will have project work to complete. Just like a REAL accredited college course. This is a legit course -- LOVE it!

That's why Fortune 500s are financially backing this course because Harvard and MIT instructors have developed a refined curriculum, which I've also personally reviewed. Moreover, they love it so much that they'd hire graduates from this certification. That's called ULTIMATE buy-in. 😉

How much is the class again?

It is 100% free because the curriculum is so good that BIG companies like Johnson & Johnson (and below) believe in it and want to acquire amazing talent from it. How cool is that? 💖