The Job Hunt Overview: Resume, Search, Interview, and Offer

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Has it ever occurred to you that you might be spending more time looking for a house or a car that you spend less waking hours on than your job? More people complain about their jobs than their houses or cars. Yet far less time is spent looking for a job, updating resumes, preparing for interviews, and negotiating for salaries versus house hunting or car shopping.

Everyone knows that you have to spend A LOT of time looking for a house and a car -- huge investments, correct? Absolutely! They say the average homebuyer spends about 2-3 months looking for a home and 21 minutes looking for a Netflix show, but why do we spend so little time hunting for a job that we'll spend 10 waking hours of the day on? :(

It makes me so sad to hear people say,

"I hate my job. I don't get paid enough."

"I hate my boss -- I haven't gotten a raise in 4 years." "I hate my coworkers, especially Linda in HR -- she's such a gossip!" BTW, whoever said that about every HR department having a Linda, SPOT ON! So TRUE! But I digress.

Anyhow, I ask them how much effort they took into their job hunt, and the answer is almost 99% the same -- next to nothing. They accepted the first offer, too! WHAT!?!? I know. Clutch the pearls. Be still my heart. Why would you do that? Never do that. There's a way to be nice about it and get something. It's like a used car lot -- at least get some car mats! I'll go into in-depth about salary negotiation in another post. :) Plus, my personal calculator to be released in the very near future.

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