There are so many choices out there for certifications and courses and everyone says they’re the best. Some will charge you $2000 upfront, defer $5000 until you get a job, or take 10% of your income.

As a former Tech VP with over 20 years of experience in Government and CyberSecurity experience, I spent a great deal of time verifying this online educator thoroughly on BBB, manta, Wayback machine, LinkedIn, etc. I love that they are teaching underrepresented people valuable skills in Python, SQL, and Tableau for FREE through generous corporate sponsorships. I don’t tie my name to just anything. I promote very few companies, products, and services, and DS4A is an online coding bootcamp I trust 100%.

Together we can bridge the opportunity divide in Data Science.

To go straight to the applications, click below or for more exclusive tips on how to get in, continue reading, my friends.

Data Science For All (DS4A) Empowerment, DS4A Women, and Anaplan For All

  • 100% free for underrepresented people in data science like women, 1st gen college students, single parents, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, military veteran, military spouse, and more.

  • 100% virtual

  • only 7 to 14 weeks long, depending on the program

  • curriculum developed by a Harvard University Professor*

  • learn Python, SQL, Tableau, Anaplan

  • very exclusive – over 30K applied last Fall 2020 and less than 3% were accepted**

*I studied this curriculum. You will be equipped with real data science skills when you graduate. 💪

**3% was 1000 students, and nearly 70 were from my ambassadorship work like Yasmin. Class size is dependent on employer-partner sponsorship. This is how the training is 100% free for you — you never pay a dime. I’ll explain more below. 🙌

You will learn Python, SQL, Tableau, and Anaplan for free in only 7-14 weeks, depending on the program. And the best part? You can make $750K to $1 million a year at a Fortune 500 like Netflix, with only 3-8 years of work experience. According to the anonymous professional network Blind, where verified employees love to share knowledge, Sr. Data Engineers at Netflix with only 3 to 5 years of experience reported earning anywhere from $250,000 to $750,000 a year.

After I did this TikTok on it, people were in disbelief. So, I asked real Netflix employees on Blind if it was true. I was wrong — they don’t make $750,000 a year. Some make $1 million dollars a year. 😲

That’s $20,000 EVERY week. Can you imagine getting paid that much?

There are real people at Netflix who make $1,000,000 a year — that’s $20K a week or almost a new Nissan Altima EVERY week.

Do all Data Scientists make that much? Why does Netflix pay so much?

Not all of them make $1,000,000. I wanted to find out for sure, so I asked REAL people on Blind and this is what happened. Check out my Blind post here.

Real Comments from the Blind App where I got Answers from Real Netflix Employees

This is a real Netflix job listing for a Sr. Data Engineer. It does not ask for a degree, no years of experience, and don’t worry about location — their tech teams are usually remote (you can verify this on Blind). The most technical requirements? Know one major language like Python and SQL and “building distributed pipelines”. That’s it!

Netflix Job Listing for Sr. Data Engineer, Growth

If you get a Netflix job like that, you will shatter the opportunity divide.

So what are the next steps toward a $750K career?

There are multiple paths towards success and financial freedom. This is only one way. Using my 20+ years of lessons learned and successes, here’s my suggested career path for you:

Step 1. Add Python, SQL, and Tableau to your resume — increases your salary by 12x

Get a free data science certificate from this coding bootcamp. See below for more info.

Step 2. Power Research, Network & Negotiate

Use Blind to research powerful data while taking the bootcamp, use it to help you with job hunting, effective networking (see how this person asked for a Netflix referral), and real salaries when you’re power negotiating your 6-figure job offer.

Step 3. Get a Government Clearance

Register for my Essentials of Government Contracting (EGC) career course on Sat, 8/21 at 12-2 pm PST to increase your callbacks by 10x and salary by at least 55%.

Past Student Testimonials

They call their students “fellows”, and as far as I know, graduates end up very successful like Yasmin below, who was among the nearly 70 I personally placed in the DS4A program last Fall 2020. 💪 She’s a hardworking BIPOC mom who got hired at Google. For the full story, click here.

I’m so excited for this working mom turned Google Analyst — can’t wait ’til YOU have a similar success story to tell me. 🙌

Tips for Acceptance and Survival into the Most Exclusive Coding Bootcamp

I completed the application and took the assessment last Fall 2020. Not to get in, but because I like to know everything about the companies I represent. This time, I also interviewed graduates (fellows) and got their best tips for getting into and surviving in this bootcamp!

Here are all the best tips and FAQs — keep coming back! I’ll add more regularly.

Power Tips from Past Fellows

Thank you for your help with these tips, Lena & Yasmin!

  • Know important dates and pay attention to deadlines.

  • Apply quickly and be patient for the next steps.

  • Quantify your resume and LinkedIn profile. It’s a data science education provider. You will stand out if you have numbers in your resume, LinkedIn profile, etc. See my tip on quantifying your resume here.

  • Quantify your interview answers, too.

  • You don’t need to study for the Assessment — it’s only testing how you think and whether you need to take a pre-python course before the bootcamp.

  • Study the mission statement here and watch the YouTube videos from past alumni. You will notice that they are looking for certain traits and values. All, if not most, of the interview questions, are online. Practice!

  • Research all of the employee partners/sponsors

  • Mimic what they’re looking for.

  • If anyone has questions regarding the process, join our slack channel to message successful fellows like Lena who had no prior data science or coding experience.

  • Network and make friends. You are all on the same team and everyone has the same goals. Go to study sessions, help each other out, ask for help when you need help! It will be hard, so put your ego aside. There are so many resources and everyone is willing to help.

What are the differences between all the coding bootcamps?

DS4A Women

Description: This is a coding bootcamp that teaches any female student or professional advanced skills in Python, SQL, and Tableau so that they can either advance their career in Data Science or if they are an executive, lead their data teams better.

Eligibility: Women only

Prerequisites: None, but you must pass a skills assessment and interview.

Cost: Free

Duration: 7 weeks

Course Dates: Sat 9/18 – Sat 10/30

Application Ended: Sun 8/8, but women may still apply to the bootcamps below.

DS4A Empowerment

Description: This is a coding bootcamp that teaches any student or professional from an underrepresented group (see below) advanced skills in Python, SQL, and Tableau so that they can start their lucrative career in Data Science.

Prerequisites: None, but you must pass a skills assessment and interview.

Cost: Free

Duration: 14 weeks

Course Dates: Sat 9/25 – Sat 12/4

Application Ends: Fri 9/3

Anaplan for All

Description: This is a coding bootcamp that teaches any student or professional from an underrepresented group (see below) advanced skills in Python, SQL, and Anaplan so that they can start their lucrative career in Data Science using this Anaplan, the hottest data science software today. This bootcamp will train you to become certified as an Anaplan Model Builder, and help you earn a high-paying job in the Anaplan ecosystem. Anaplan is a connected planning software provider used by thousands of the world’s top companies. The Anaplan ecosystem includes enterprises from Coca-Cola to Sonos to Groupon, all of whom use the software to simplify their most complex business operations.

Prerequisites: None, but you must pass a skills assessment and interview.

Cost: Free

Duration: 10 weeks

Course Dates: Sat 9/25 – Sat 12/4

Application Ends: Rd 1 ends Thu 8/12, Rd 2 ends Tue 8/31

Who can apply?

For DS4A Empowerment or Anaplan for All, if you identify with any underrepresented groups below, apply for DS4A Empowerment here and Anaplan for All here

  • 1st Generation College Students (any major)

  • Students or Professionals

  • Women

  • Single Parents

  • Veterans and Military Spouses

  • 1st Generation Immigrants

  • LGBTQ+

  • People with Disabilities

  • Black or African Americans

  • Hispanic or Latino Americans

  • Native Americans

  • Pacific Islanders

  • Inuit People

  • Refugee

  • And any Other People from Under-Represented Groups in Data Science

For all DS4A Women information, click here.

How do I Apply?

They accept people on a rolling basis. You can submit your application anytime before September 3rd, 2021, but applications will be considered in the window they are submitted (see dates below). They encourage applicants to apply as soon as possible.

For DS4A Empowerment:

For Anaplan For All:

For all DS4A Women information, click here.

Is there a prerequisite? Do I need prior data science experience?

NOTE: This applies to all 3 bootcamps/programs.

For Empowerment, Anaplan, and DS4A Women, you don’t need data science experience. You do not need a Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) background or degree to take this class.

You don’t need to be good in Math or know how to Code.

  • Do you love to ANALYZE?

  • Do you love to QUESTION?

  • Are you LOGICAL?

  • Are you a PROBLEM-SOLVER?

  • Do you have COMMON SENSE?

  • Do you want to make a lot of MONEY?

What days are the classes?

For Empowerment, Anaplan, and DS4A Women, live online classes take place each Saturdays only, at the moment. The combination of live classes on Saturdays and supported individual work during the week promotes peer-to-peer learning while offering flexibility for working professionals.

Will classes be offered outside of Saturdays?

For Empowerment, Anaplan, and DS4A Women, unfortunately, not at the moment, but sign up below to be notified of any changes:

For DS4A Empowerment updates, click here.

For Anaplan for All updates, click here.

For DS4A Women updates, click here.

How long are the classes?

For DS4A Empowerment, 14 weeks.

For Anaplan for All, 10 weeks.

For DS4A Women, 7 weeks.

What will the sample schedule look like?

For Empowerment, Anaplan, and DS4A Women, the sample schedule looks like this:

• 10AM – 2PM – Lecture (breaks in between)

• 2PM – 3PM – Lunch

• 3PM – 4PM – Guest Speaker or Workshops

• 4PM – 8PM – Group Work/Office Hours/Virtual Networking and Social Events


What is the class format? What is the max class size? Will there be multiple concurrent classes?

For Empowerment, Anaplan, and DS4A Women:

Training in data fluency — LIVE and ONLINE. So far, there will be one zoom meeting with approximately 50 students taught by one Lead Professor and two Teaching Assistants (TA). Each TA will support about 25 students.

There will be office hours, you will get graded, and you will have project work to complete. Just like a REAL accredited college course. This is a legit course — LOVE it!

How much is the class again?

For Empowerment, Anaplan, and DS4A Women, it is 100% free because the curriculum is so good that good companies like below believe in it and want to acquire amazing talent from it. Because cost should not be an obstacle for the best talent to apply.

For Empowerment

For Anaplan for All, it is in partnership with Correlation One and Anaplan.

How long does the application take to complete?

For Empowerment, Anaplan, and DS4A Women, it takes 15 minutes.

What does the Application Process look like?

For Empowerment, Anaplan, and DS4A Women, the application process looks like this:

Step 1: APPLICATION It’s to help them get to know you. It should take about 15 minutes to complete. It asks for a resume, so make sure you have one, on hand. DS4A Empowerment Application

Anaplan for All Application

DS4A Women Application

Step 2: ASSESSMENT It shows them how you think. It’s thoughtfully designed to measure how you solve problems. They’re less interested in what you know already, and more looking for insight into how you think. You don’t need to know anything specific or prepare for the assessment before taking it. They also use the assessment to tailor the program curriculum to you. NOTE: You will receive the assessment link AFTER you complete the application.

You will receive a personalized link to take an online skills assessment. This is CHALLENGING, but don’t get discouraged. It’s meant to be HARD. It’s to test HOW you think. Not WHAT you know. It ASSESSES your way of thinking. Remember that they are also seeking Stay-at-Home Parents who may not have ever held professional experiences and People with Disabilities who may struggle with the wording of the questions. DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED BY THIS ASSESSMENT.

Think of it as the 2nd phase of a military boot camp. They’re trying to figure out if you’re a quitter. Because this is an EXPENSIVE, REWARDING course that SO MANY people want to be part of, but they want the MOST DEDICATED who will do whatever it takes to stick with the program. Because it’s 14 Saturdays. 10 hours of classwork. But at the end of the course, you may end up with an amazing job with an amazing company. That’s outstanding! Remember Yasmin here and it’s all for FREE. Just requires a bit of work.

Step 3: INTERVIEW If you pass the assessment, they’ll want to meet you. They’ll evaluate the application and extend an interview invitation to you. Interviews are conducted via their video interview platform and reviewed by a member of the Correlation One team.

They may ask you questions to determine:

1) PAST COMMITMENT: In the past, can you explain a time when you successfully completed a difficult task or project? It can be work, school, community, or family event-related. Give an example using the STAR method below, that will demonstrate something that you can then relate back to data science, in some way, if at all possible. If not, that’s ok!

2) WORK ETHIC: When things are slow at work (now or in the past) or you’ve finished your tasks early, what do you usually do? Again, it can be work, school, community, or family event related. Give an example using the STAR method below, that will demonstrate something that you can then relate back to data science, in some way, if at all possible. If not, that’s ok!

3) FUTURE WORK: How will you use what you learned from the DS4A program? How will you be a steward in the data science community? Give an example of what you did in the past using the STAR method below, that will demonstrate how you will do this in the future!

⭐STAR Method⭐

SITUATION: Describe the situation that you were in, or the task that you needed to accomplish. Give enough detail to understand the complexities of the situation. This example can be from a previous job, school project, volunteer activity, or any relevant event.

TASK: What goal were you working toward?

ACTION: Describe the actions you took to address the situation with enough detail, and keep the focus on you. What specific steps did you take? What was your contribution? Be careful that you don’t describe what the team or group did when talking about the project. Explain what you did. Use the word “I,” not “we,” when describing the actions.

RESULT: Describe the outcome of your actions and don’t be shy about taking credit for your behavior. What happened? How did the event end? What did you accomplish? What did you learn? Provide examples using metrics or data, if it adds value.

⭐Use the STAR method to answer the interview questions above (actually, any interview 💪). Read my blog tip on Amazon Career Day to prep you for this interview.

I cannot stress this enough. You are being interviewed for FOLLOW-THROUGH. They don’t want quitters. They want people who will complete the task and work hard. They want PROBLEM SOLVERS. They want GENUINE and AUTHENTIC people. They want HARD WORKERS. They want to prepare you for REAL SUCCESS in Data Science.

Do not look a gift horse in the mouth. Meaning, if you somehow get in, you better come through! You better be grateful and bring your A-game!!! Because you worked too darn hard to get there. It’s FREE and nobody does this anymore. Noone, and I mean nobody, especially companies do anything for free anymore. They are doing this for GREAT workers. Great Data Workers! I believe in you and if you get in, they believe in you, too.

So bring it!

Will I get a job after I take the class?

For Empowerment, Anaplan, and DS4A Women, they’ve partnered with top corporate sponsors and these companies love the curriculum so much that they agree to hire a certain number of graduates!

Do I get a certification at the end?

For Empowerment, and DS4A Women: yes, you will get a “Certificate in Data Analytics”, as long as you pass.

For Anaplan, you will be certified as Anaplan Model Builder, as long as you pass.

Are there Awards?

Yes, there is a Grand Finale with Awards.

Who teaches the class?

A team from Ivy League universities like Stanford, Harvard, MIT, etc.

What else is included?

  • Networking with the most talented data-focused peers across the U.S.

  • Mentoring from a network of mentors who are invested in your success

Join my growing slack community here. Let’s help each other succeed!

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