I love being a Correlation One Ambassador — this is my 2nd time now.

Free 7-week online coding bootcamp for professional women? And you can make $750K with only 3-5 years of experience? Yes, that’s 100% correct. According to the anonymous professional network Blind, where verified employees love to share knowledge, Data Scientists at Netflix reported earning anywhere from $250,000 to $750,000 a year with only 3 to 5 years of work experience.

There are real employees at Netflix who make $750,000 with only 3 to 5 years of experience.


Real employees from Netflix report their actual salaries on Blind, the anonymous professional network.

As far as I’m concerned, that sounds like a great way to utterly destroy the gender pay gap. 🙌  For those of you professional women who are ready for financial freedom today, you must sign up for the best coding boot camp — Data Science For All Women or DS4A Women, and it’s…

  • 100% free for pretty much any female who is a recent grad, professional, technical, executive, or anyone who knows core data science skills like Python, SQL, and Tableau

  • 100% virtual

  • only 7 weeks long

  • learn valuable Python, SQL, and Tableau

  • curriculum developed by a Harvard University Professor*

  • sets you up for career success with mentors, career fairs, etc.

*I personally vouch for this curriculum. I studied it. You will be equipped with real data science skills when you graduate. 💪

Now, that’s the good news… the not-so-good news… Applications close on Sunday, August 8th! So hurry, ladies!!! 🙌   🚀

Who Can Apply

Any female, whether you’re a student or professional, can apply here.


Junior to Mid to Senior Level Data Science Professionals

Any technical or professional role, junior to mid to senior level

Anyone who knows core data science skills e.g., Python, SQL, Tableau, PowerBI, Anaplan, etc.

Data Scientist Data Analyst Management Consultant Product Manager Quantitative Researcher Sales Operations Analyst Business Intelligence Analyst Marketing Analyst

EXECUTIVES VP or Director of Operations VP or Director of Finance VP or Director of Product VP or Director of Human Resources VP or Director of Marketing VP or Director of Talent Acquisition VP or Director of Diversity & Inclusion VP or Director of Business Development

How to Apply

If you’re in the DS4A category of Practitioner, you’ll take an entry assessment on core data science skills, like Python, Statistics, and Modeling. Don’t freak out! It is challenging. I took it. But it’s just to place you. Remember, it’s an assessment NOT a test. You will complete technical cases that challenge you to apply skills to real-world business use cases, to help become effective practitioners within your organizations.

If you’re an Executive, you’ll have no formal prerequisites, other than a baseline familiarity with data and analytics tools. You will complete no-code cases and “AI for Executives” workshops, to help you be an effective leader of data-driven teams.

Program Overview

DS4A Women is a “unique fellowship program that helps female students and professionals develop into data-driven leaders of tomorrow”. You may be early in your career, aspiring to move from academia to industry, or perhaps you are a mid-career leader who aspires to confidently lead teams that use data and analytics.

It’s only 7 weeks with 4 weeks of live online lecture, followed up with 3 weeks of capstone projects, professional development workshops, and mentorship from senior industry leaders.

Program Schedule

It is a total of 7 weeks with 4 weeks of live online lectures from September – October 2021, all built on real-world cases and delivered in usable Jupyter notebooks. The training includes no-code cases for executives and technical cases for practitioners.

The lectures are led by top professors at universities like Harvard, Columbia, and MIT. Fellows will also be given self-study work following the sessions and will have opportunities to receive 1-1 coaching throughout the program with Correlation One’s professors and teaching assistants.

The Program ends with virtual Career Fairs on October 19-22, 2021, and the Grand Finale event on October 29, 2021.

For more information, click here.

Program Benefits

Here are some of the benefits of the DS4A Women’s program: but the most valuable benefit that makes you money…

Learning Python, SQL, and Tableau so well that a Fortune 500 will pay you $750K, with only 3 years of experience.

How is it free?

Well, your education is 100% sponsored by companies like Google and Johnson & Johnson. For the 2021 DS4A Women’s program, the employer partners are below.

Past Student Testimonials

They call their students “fellows”, and many of their past fellows have gone on to get jobs at Fortune 500s. I’ve personally placed nearly 70 fellows. One of my viewers and now, friend, is a hardworking BIPOC mom who got hired at Google! For the full story, click here. I am so excited for her and I cannot wait to hear more about her journey.

Here are some more fellow testimonials. 🙌

For those of you who know me, you know that I only share things that are meaningful and ultra-valuable. I was in GovTech for over 20 years and my government clearance for most of that time — I take integrity seriously. I have to love something so much AND it needs to be very helpful to others for me to share it. This is one of those things. So if you’re interested in making $750K, sign up today. And don’t forget to join my slack and sign up on Blind. I want to hear all about it, ok?

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