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Should resumes be one page?  No way. One page resumes were recommended when people worked at single company for like 20-30 years. They would retire at these companies. Nowadays, if you work somewhere longer than 2-3 years (well, maybe more like 4-5), people think your skills are stale and outdated. How could you possibly fit so many experiences into 1 page? Not possible. IMHO, resumes should be as long as they should be, but roughly around 2-5 pages long.

When do you do TikTok Live?

Every Wednesday night from 8:00 pm PST / 11:00 pm EST.

When do you do YouTube Live?

Coming soon.

Where can I find you on social media?

YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook

How often do you respond to Comments?

Right now, I try to respond to comments about once a day for about 30 minutes on my Blog, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.

Why does it take you long to write a blog, make a TikTok, or film a YouTube video sometimes? One word. Toddler. LOL I have a 4 year old toddler who is my everything. He means a lot to me, but so does this right now. I do my best to make this a priority.

How can I ask you questions directly? Before asking, check all these questions here. Then, ask on my YouTube channel here.

How do I negotiate for a better salary or promotion? See my TikTok Video, blog tip, and YouTube.

How do I do a career change? See my TikTok Video, blog tip, and YouTube. 

How do I get a job when I just graduated and have no experience? See my TikTok Video, blog tip, and YouTube.

How do I get a work from home job? See my TikTok Video, blog tip, and YouTube.

How do I quantify my resume? See my TikTok Video, blog tip, and YouTube.

For the Copy Paste 50-90% of the Job Qualification and Skills:

  • Does placement matter? Not at all, but put it somewhere that's not noticeable.

  • Does saving it as a PDF or other type of file format (like inDesign, etc) matter? No, as long as it is machine readable and not OCR. However, Word files (.doc) are much better.

  • Is it illegal, immoral, or unethical? No, but if you are NOT at least 50% qualified for the job, I would not endorse you doing this, because you won't get an interview and you've wasted not just your time but someone else's. Also, you may get blacklisted (indefinitely rejected) for that position and possibly future positions. DO NOT USE THIS TIP IF YOU ARE NOT QUALIFIED AT LEAST 50%!!!

  • Will a Recruiter find out, even if I am qualified, and be upset that I did this? If you are qualified and a recruiter asks you about it, be honest. You tell them that you did it because you wanted to 100% ensure that your QUALIFIED resume got into their intelligent HUMAN hands.

  • Won't this eventually stop working? Not really, because think about it this way. Are people perfect? Will people ever stop making typos? What if your resume had "Windos" instead of "Windows"? Or what if the Job Posting had the same mistake? What about syntax? What if your resume said you knew "MS Office" or "MS Word" and the Job Posting asked that you know "Word, Excel, PowerPoint"? You assume MS Office covers all of it, but the AI is specifically looking for each skill, so it brings down your compatibility score. So now, because it thinks you don't have the right skills (because of the typos and the lack of skills), you could be a 4% match for the job posting even though you might be a 90% match, and BOOM! REJECTED! :( It's not necessarily the AI's fault -- human error. Input => Output.

  • Why are there some articles that disagree with this tactic? Because they are written by people who don't necessarily understand project management, business, AND technology. In any enterprise system implementation I've ever worked on, invariably schedule slips and cost overrun occurs, so what does that impact? QUALITY and RISK. Remember, cost, schedule, quality, and risk are intertwined. So out of the box, many Applicant Tracking Systems like Workday or Taleo are not customized and it takes time and money to customize. Many companies run out of time and money often when implementing a huge system like these, so they might just use it straight out of the box. Requirements may not have been set up correctly, and so resumes may get rejected. Even if properly set up initially, future enhancements could mess up the screening and filter requirements. Again, opportunities for your resume to get rejected go up all the time. If you are qualified for the job, a busy and smart recruiter won't care that you entered keywords. They don't care because they finally have a chance to fill the requisition and hire a qualified candidate!

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Will I ever charge you for the advice on this site?

Not now, but if I ever do, it won't be from your pocket. It will be from you:

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