Career Beauty

  • Some of you have asked me about my makeup and skin routine.

  • I actually do love makeup, hair, and fashion, but only on a budget.

  • I'm a frugalista and I know you can buy great products, without spending a fortune!

  • All of the beauty products below I have used and recommend.

  • If you buy anything, just know that the tiny portion I receive will go towards more content, education, and resources to help you and others succeed in your careers. 💪

  • For some of these links, even if you don't buy anything, just clicking on them will be enough to help out! 💖

My Makeup

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To be on-screen, nothing

The Get Hired at Amazon Checklist ensures that do everything you can to get hired at Amazon!

So you don't forget a THING and your chances of getting hired go up 100000000% 😁💯🏆⚡💪

  • Revamp your Resume

  • Read the Hiring Process

  • Prepare your Resume for each Job Posting

  • Submit Online

  • Steps to Prepare for Your Interview - Well Before and Right Before

  • Things to Remember During the Interview

  • What to do After the Interview

As a Virgo, I was an organized perfectionist, until I had a toddler. I felt like I was drowning in a sea of chaos -- nothing went as planned. 😆 Well, this Bloom To Do List got me back on track by helping me timebox my tasks.


I was able to prioritize tasks I had to do right away like post a TikTok and things that were super important like quality time with my little dude.


If you struggle with getting things done or just love productivity tools, give this a try. It's the best thing ever!!!

I have been a long time fan of Bloom products!!! 💖 BTW they do not pay me to say this -- I wish! 😆

I loved using this for my quickly taking notes at work so I didn't disturb people with my loud typing! LOL It was the best project management notebook ever!!!

My first viral tip on TikTok was helped millions get past the resume bots, but it also started a lash controversy -- anyhow, here are the infamous lashes! They are super affordable and comfy. Talk about drama. 😆

I've used this hair tool for nearly 8 years and I LOVE it -- you look interview ready without any makeup! Super durable -- I've dropped it from a 2nd story stairwell twice and it still works!!! LOL Volume is no joke. Texas size pageant hair & lasts until you wash it out. 😲