If you’re scratching your head for gift ideas, look no further. Go for useful and practical gifts. Funny and sentimental gifts are great too, but when your loved one is out of work or looking to level up, nothing is more thoughtful than a gift that is career-related.

You can get them Just Because, Birthdays, Christmas, Graduation, Anniversaries, etc. Here are some AMAZING gift ideas that they can actually use and during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Labor Day, or any Holiday Sales, you can get deep discounts!

By the way, these gift ideas can be for you as well and don’t forget, some of them are tax write-offs — check your CPA.

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What are useful gift ideas for someone who got laid off?

  • Certificate Training to help them get back on their feet to land an even better job! Check my blog tip on the Top 10 Best Certificates to find the most lucrative certificates. Black Friday specials and other holiday sales are going on right now.
  • Professional Headshots are a great way for them to update their LinkedIn profile pic. Find a great Photographer near them by asking around or keyword searching on LinkedIn or Instagram with “LinkedIn Profile Pic” or “Professional Headshot”.
  • Audible Memberships are an amazing gift so that they can read unlimited business books, career books, self-improvement books, etc.
  • Subscriptions to various Professional Magazines, News Journals, Business Journals, Newspapers, etc. Some of these media have job classified sections as well!
  • Gift Cards to Local Car Washes so that they don’t have to worry about keeping their car cleaned when they show up to the job interview.
  • Men’s and Women’s Suits are always a great thing to get as a gift, but maybe you want to send them a gift card. Or just point them to this blog tip!
  • Online Training like on PluralSight for programming — Black Friday Sale is pretty cool!
  • Help them learn a new language on Rosetta Stone to learn a new language — being bilingual, even if only conversational is still a good skill when looking for a new job! Again, Black Friday sale is amazing!
  • For someone who is looking for a job, stress can be a real thing. Maybe help them by getting them a massage, facial or a nail appointment? Or maybe a barbershop or haircut gift certificate?
  • Or if they love movies and TV shows, maybe gifting them Netflix so that they don’t have to spend money on that anymore.

Microsoft Office 365

This version of MS Office 365 Personal (which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, etc.) will ensure that your loved one’s resume will be updated with the latest version of Word. Make sure that they have all the tools necessary to land the next job.

Right now on Amazon, you get the following specials for MS Office 365 Personal

  • For FREE for 1 Year, with a new Amazon Rewards Visa — this is 100% off!!! If you’re going to get the credit card anyway, this is a sweet deal. You are saving $119.88!!!
  • For only $3.25 a month when you buy Adobe Acrobat Pro — this is 67% off!!!
  • For only $4.92 a month

This is 50%-67% off the retail price that they sell on Microsoft.com. It’s even cheaper than on Groupon, which is only 17% off!

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Products are not just for Creative Professionals, they are for anyone. I hate having to sign documents online without having Adobe Acrobat Pro DC but Adobe products like Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, and After Effects are EXPENSIVE. Thank goodness for Black Friday sales every year!

Adobe Creative Cloud (which includes all of the Adobe applications) will ensure that your loved one can fill out all the job applications and any forms with ease and comfort. They can create their own handwritten signature stamp and use it for online forms. It’s saved me so much time to be able to use Adobe Acrobat!

Almost every year on Black Friday Adobe.com gives deep discounts on their software. It’s happening right now until Cyber Monday, 11/27/2020!!! So every year, you can make sure you renew with this deep discount. Never pay full price for expensive software again!!!

  • If you’re a Student or a Teacher, you get all the apps for only $15.99/month instead of $52.99/month for 1 Year — this is 70% off!
  • If you’re not a student, you can get them an amazing gift by gifting them all the apps for 25% off at $39.99/month below. This is
  • If you own a business, you can get all the Adobe apps for just 25% off at $59.99 per month per user below instead of $79.99 per month per user.

,,LinkedIn Premium Memberships so that they can get a leg up with their career search. I’ve never used this for career search myself, but I’ve heard this helps some people, so if you are in a position to gift it to someone you love, then by all means.

What are the best gifts for Recent Grads?

So the list of gift ideas for recent grads is pretty much the same as the list of gift ideas for job seekers.

What do I get my boyfriend or girlfriend who got a new job?

For someone who just got a new job, a promotion, or a raise, you can pretty much get them anything I listed above.

What are practical gift ideas for someone who works from home?

For people who work from home, I would say the best gifts are things that their work would not buy them, and they would not spend extra money buying.

An awesome external webcam like this Logitech C960 Webcam. The quality is 10000x better than any laptop’s webcam and they’ll look sharp in any Zoom meeting.

Audio is SUPER important. Nothing is worse than not being able to hear the person in a meeting. Find a Logitech or Plantronics Noise Canceling Headset with Microphone.

Great Lighting is very important so I feel like ring lights or softboxes are key.

A USB corded whisper-soft keyboard and a USB Corded Mouse because I hate changing out batteries, but that’s because I work a lot.

I also prefer a high back gaming chair for a desk chair instead of a regular office chair because it offers more comfort and features.

Get them gift certificates for Office Decor.

Or heck, just get them an Amazon gift card so they can just buy these things for themselves.

What are good gift ideas for a new business owner?

For business owners, great options include:

  • the same things I listed above
  • Gift certificates to Overnight.com for Business Cards
  • Adobe products for Business Owners (see above)
  • Gift certificates to Conferences and Events
  • subscription to Zoom
  • or subscription to Quickbooks below


For business owners, nothing is more helpful and more expensive than Quickbooks and right now, it’s on sale for 50% off for the first 3 months for Black Friday on Quickbooks’ site! This is a killer deal since it is very expensive! If you’re a generous friend, this is a great gift. Otherwise, maybe just let them know about this deal!

#2 Adobe

If you own a business, you can get all the Adobe apps for just 25% off at $59.99 per month per user below instead of $79.99 per month per user.

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