The Ultimate Career Survey 2020 

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Looking for Volunteers

Go from #BoredAtHome to #WorkfromHome

I want to help you 1-on-1... Looking for a Volunteer... Is it You? 🤞

I want to help everyone get a job right now, but there's only so much time in the day (plus, I have a busy toddler).


So let's try this: For 1 person, I will be your personal career coach. I will dedicate 1-on-1 time to make your resume standout, teach you the best way to search for jobs. And BEFORE you start getting offers, I will teach you the smartest way to negotiate for the best salary you can possibly achieve. You will get my undivided attention and I will walk you through everything I know, so you can finally feel confident and successful!

We'll set up a web meeting and record it for a future YouTube and/or TikTok, so that we can teach others how to go from #BOREDATHOME to #WORKFROMHOME.

First round went great -- we picked someone! Follow their progress and learn from what we'll do together! Keep sending your submissions though -- you will be put in the queue.


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