This is Me

Career Highlights

  • 20+ years in Technology and Lifetime Advocate for Job Seekers; Recent GradsSingle Parents; and Just Anyone Willing to Learn and Work Smarter.

  • 10+ years in Telecommuting, Remote Work, or Virtual Work.

  • 10+ years managing countless teams and Multi-Million Dollar Projects.

  • Worked at many Fortune 500 companies like Boeing.

  • Founder of Culture-Shifting Leadership and People-Driven Development.

  • Worked my way up the corporate ladder, without ever stepping on anyone or compromising myself -- despite the race and gender inequalities that are still every bit real today.


I'm a Toddler Mom and I understand the struggle to Keep the Lights On.  

Free yourself from Limiting Beliefs.

You can do anything.

Personal Bio

  • Immigrant Daughter of Immigrants -- came here at 3 years old.

  • Grew up poor and put myself through college, with loans and a couple grants.

  • Never owed anyone anything since I was 17, including Dad -- he hates how independent I am, but he's got bills just like everyone.

  • Been through a lot like Mom dying when I was 17  -- we all have stories though. 💪

  • But now, I'm a happy single mom of one really busy toddler. 😄

Nothing and no one is stopping you, but YOU.